[Groop]Boy! Is it quiet!

Chad Riden chadmriden@yahoo.com
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 07:38:08 -0700 (PDT)

> Here's to word of mouth!!!

A store I just started going to had recommended titles on it's dry-erase
board.. the Atomics, a few others.. blah blah blah.. Groo.. GROO!?

I looked for Groo... to no avail. There was a plastic divider clearly
labeled "GROO," but no actual GROOs. I bought 3 issues of Usagi,
Occupational Hazards, Space Circus 3 (still haven't found issue 2), an old
MAD I needed & an inexpensive VHS tape of the South Park movie. The back
cover of Occupational Hazards has a Sergio drawing of Groo attacking some
lawyers or somebody, though.. so it wasn't a totally Groo-less purchase.
When they rang me up, the guy commented, "Man, you read the GOOD stuff!"

I thanked them for giving Groo "props" (as the kids say.. or do they? I
don't know. I don't have kids.), but observed that they didn't have a
single issue of Groo in stock in the store. The guy behind the counter
said he was trying to complete his collection & that's where most of their
copies end up.. which I understand, but they still should have some of the
TPB's there if they're gonna say "check out Groo."

Then they launched into some tirade about the CBLDF supporting someone or
another & I made my exit while I still could.. So the moral of this story
is: "A good Groo is hard to find," or "Go tell it on the mountain..."
whichever you prefer.

Chad M. Riden
ICQ # 9922135

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