[Groop]How to but Groo

Magnus Lindgren magnus.lindgren@netrosys.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 22:11:16 +0200


The recent talk about selling Groo and a recommendation for a way to buy 
on-line gave me the idea to make a list of recommended traders where you 
could buy Groo on-line or directly in a shop. So everybody who have a 
favourite shop that they think is good and other people might want to know 
about, could you send me an e-mail with the following information and I 
will add it to my Groo page:

Telephone (including countrycode)
Order on-line? (yes/no)
Shipping? (only local shop / countrywide / worldwide)

I will keep track of who recommends who on the page but I will not display 
it. I will keep the information in case I need some additional information 
about the shop.

For people living outside the US this may be a way to find a comicdealer 
geographicly near you.

As you might have seen I've also moved my page to a different server but no 
need for anybody to change links since the old address forwards you to the 
correct address. The new address is:


Hope you like it.. it's still the same page though (c: