[Groop]Hello Everyone, a Groo list server? Whoooieee...!

Ruben Arellano ruben@oanet.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 16:54:35 -0700

Troy Crayson wrote:

>    Because im insane.. im going to try and get one issue of each for
> reading and 1 each  "for collecting". I am then going to get the
> collecting ones graded and try to get a complete collection of 9.0 +
> or better grades of all
> issues.. and to think i just found out about this grading thing about
> 3 months and at first i didnt like it...
>  I heard about the Groo Poster from Groo grams, Mark Evainer spoke
> about it in issuse 50 - 52. And about how it was "about to be done".
> I dont have issue 53 so not sure how it was actually distributed (if
> he even followed up
> on that or not).
>   I met two people (Hi Kelly and Trace!.. if you even subscribe to
> this listserver) that both let me know that there are groo collector
> cards... ??!  Really? I thought that the cards where the ones that
> came with the board game (which i recently found out about but dont
> have yet, and not 100% sure where to get it from other than ebay) I
> have yet to hear back from trace about the specfics of the cards.. are
> they like pokemon / magic; the gathering cards?  Are they still in
> print?

The Groo poster did come out.  It's a large scene of Groo defending a
castle attack by doing what Groo does best.  Keep an eye out on ebay for

Not sure why you would want a second set of 'collectible' Groo books.
Judging from activity on Ebay and the 50 cent bins, there's more supply
than demand for Groo back issues....  Don't forget to get extras of all
the #1 issues.... :-}  Rumours of a platinum, embossed, holo,
limited-edition, triple gloss variant cover of a Groo vs Hong Kong Fooey
story have surfaced but are unfounded, as far as I know.

There are two sets of Groo cards that came out: The collectible
'trading' card set of a hundred and some odd cards plus semi-rare
inserts, and the non-board card game plus expansion pack.

You may be insane, but there's only one dessebo.

Welcome to the Groop,