[Groop]Question for ME

Azamin \"Cantona\" Zainol Abidin azamin7@pd.jaring.my
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 23:09:25 +0800

> The reason we aren't doing the book monthly is...well, it has a lot to
> do with the business and with Sergio having other projects that he
> wants to do.  If he suddenly decided he wanted to do GROO (or any
> book) monthly, I'd be all for it.

What are the other projects Sergio is doing currently?

>  At the moment, the way the market is structured, the mini-series format
> works
> better than the ongoing monthly format.  Stores order more of a
> mini-series than they do of a monthly book (all other things being
> equal)

For me, I don't like comics that is continious from issue to issue... like
the X-man... I tried to read some X-men comic, but I get lost... in some of
the pages, it ask the readers to refer to some of its previous issue....
crossover....then there is some variation of X-man... the X-man,
wolverine... etc.... One reason I like Groo is that it's story finish in
just 1 issue... it is simple and easy for the reader to understand it.  I
once gave my groo "Man of the people" to a friend to read it and he can
easily understand the character and the story easily.  if it is continious,
it will at most go up to 4 issues only..... and this is during Groo was a
monthly comics format.  I think it is not the monthly format, but the story
in it.  Most people do not want the story which is continious and related
from issue to issue.... well if they missed one issue, then they will lost
in the story already.  Groo is not in this type of story....  I think many
comic reader still do not know Groo especially here in Malaysia/Asia and we
as groop members should spread the Groo words.....