[Groop]A coupla responses

Sudilovsky, Ariel ASudilov@Calfee.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:42:14 -0500


Whew!! :) Thanks for all the info, Ariel. Actually, 2 of the sources I
checked showed that peanuts ARE a member of Leguminosae. :) (see: below)

----->One ongoing intent of mine is to correct any error in my factual
understanding of things.  For that reason I continue this nutty discussion.
; )  The sources I checked said Fabaceae.  You mention two Leguminosae
sources, and refer to their being below.  I dint see no below.  I checked
encyclopedias.  What have you got for me?


Scientifically speaking, I'd have to agree. However, to get back to my
grocery store analysis, I seem to find tomatoes with lettuce, cucumbers
& carrots rather than with oranges, grapes and melons. :)

----->Sounds fair.  When shopping for food at a grocery store find your
tomatoes where the supermarket located them.  However, when growing tomatoes
pick the ripe ones from that place, that particular point on the tomato
plant where it keeps its fruit.


Hmmm...sounds like we need to take the legume vs. nut case to the
highest court as well!! 

----->Based on my current understanding of that court's ability to see the
truth of the matter, maybe not.


when european discovered the peanut, they don't know what to name it
in english, it is in the same category as pea which is legume,  but hard
to be a nut, that why they put it as peanut

------>The Spaniards probably also were faced with confusion upon meeting up
with the peanut.  The Native Americans who lived in the area of America
where the Spaniards were running called the peanut a "Cacahuate".  In
spanish "caca" means "poop". (Eric, "poop" (and by synonyminity, "caca")is
allowed, correct?)  No wonder the Spaniards decided to just call the Nugume
(or is that "Lenut") by the non-loaded "mani".  I ramble.  Cheese-dip!


Groo cereal

----->Cheese-dip Flakes?


I just think it would be a great way to build up hype about his other
projects. Even if it was just a simple site promoting whatever he has for
sale at the time, just imagine the traffic that would get!

----->Yeah.  The type of traffic this would generate would probably be
enough to draw Groosagi out of his hiding.