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Fri, 1 Jun 2001 03:22:59 +0100 (GMT+01:00)

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This mailing list groop-y thing sound like just the ticket for me.
>Tell me more if you can please.
>Cheers, Richard Black.

I'll be honest with you, Rich, but you're not going to like what you're gon=
na hear.  What we have here can honestly be described only by using the wor=
ds "libidinous abattoir."  It's utter chaos, sir, and if you enjoy your fam=
ily life and your fine sense of Judeo-Christian morals, you'd be best serve=
d by taking little or no part in the caustic, derisive tit for tat exchange=
 that is carried out in this forum.  Some real manic sociopaths frequent th=
is place, and the stalkers I'm referring to have been known on occasion to =
seek eachother out in San Diego, Chicago, and other places with full-capaci=
ty convention facilities.  We're talking heinous and violent confrontations=
 here, my friend.  The kind of things they base Lifetime mini-series on.  T=
hese are unstable head-cases, and the ones that are not smart enough to lea=
ve are borderline, with myself as the exception (I'm documenting these acti=
ons for the proper authorities, and have been doing so for several months) =
 We've got missing members, one moderator dating the owner's daughter, a fo=
rmer member who got "the chair", wooden floors, sexual tention every other =
post, and on top of that these people are des... obsessed with tooth-pick l=
egged, violent, murderous fictional characters. =20

It's not a game in here, Mr. Black.  That's why I'm e-mailing you privately=
.  This forum is a living, breathing, snot-blowing expression of catastroph=
ic dysfunction, and should be approached with the utmost restraint and caut=

They already have your name.




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