[Groop]ooooooh goody... Yes pleeeease.

Mark Brown MARK@6thebrownhouse.freeserve.co.uk
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 03:42:46 +0100

>>> sexual "tention" every other post

Is this something you get when camping alone ???


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This mailing list groop-y thing sound like just the ticket for me.
>Tell me more if you can please.
>Cheers, Richard Black.

I'll be honest with you, Rich, but you're not going to like what you're
gonna hear.  What we have here can honestly be described only by using the
words "libidinous abattoir."  It's utter chaos, sir, and if you enjoy your
family life and your fine sense of Judeo-Christian morals, you'd be best
served by taking little or no part in the caustic, derisive tit for tat
exchange that is carried out in this forum.  Some real manic sociopaths
frequent this place, and the stalkers I'm referring to have been known on
occasion to seek eachother out in San Diego, Chicago, and other places with
full-capacity convention facilities.  We're talking heinous and violent
confrontations here, my friend.  The kind of things they base Lifetime
mini-series on.  These are unstable head-cases, and the ones that are not
smart enough to leave are borderline, with myself as the exception (I'm
documenting these actions for the proper authorities, and have been doing so
for several months)  We've got missing members, one moderator dating the
owner's daughter, a former member who got "the chair", wooden floors, sexual
tention every other post, and on top of that these people are des...
obsessed with tooth-pick legged, violent, murderous fictional characters.

It's not a game in here, Mr. Black.  That's why I'm e-mailing you privately.
This forum is a living, breathing, snot-blowing expression of catastrophic
dysfunction, and should be approached with the utmost restraint and caution.

They already have your name.




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