[Groop]ooooooh goody... Yes pleeeease.

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 22:09:46 -0700

Hi again Folks!

> Chris Schechner wrote:
> >
> > Hmmmmm... I must be missing some posts.
> >
> > (Of course, Sparky Urinetoast is the love child of me and Dessesbo!)
> >
> > Glorko
> > Exiled king of Zoltron

Oh sure, Glorko, bring up those painful memories!!   I leave a whole planet
behind for you.  For his own good, I leave little Sparky Urinetoast in Rhode
Island!!!  And now here I am alone in Washington with a bunch of dead

> the Kevin wrote:
> Soccer (2 days a week)...coaching softball (3 days a week)...dance class
> (1 day a week)...Brownies (1 day a week)...newborn (8 days a week).
> The jester's learning how to keep more things in the air than ever
> before. Nasty thing about juggling is that if you miss even one, they
> all tend to land on your head! :)
>  Kevin

Shifting gears with the lightning speed of a schizophrenic Dessesdo said:

Ha!  Kevin!  Ha and Double Ha!  Reminds me of 10-15 years ago.  Wait until
they want to borrow the car, go to college, and get married!  (all on the
same night!)

> PS I've joined the ranks of Nate & company as published. :) Please watch
> for Daredevil #20 in July. It's actually the 400th issue (Marvel counts
> about as well as Groo). I plotted & brought together a pretty great team
> (Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Tom Palmer) for a little 6 page backup story to
> celebrate the character's 400th issue. The story is pretty standard
> fare, but I'm tickled to have been able to do it & wanted to share it
> with the Groopers, Groopies and Midnight Tokers (don't worry, Eric,
> there's only a few on the list, and they didn't inhale). :)

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