[Groop]ooooooh goody... Yes pleeeease.

Chris Schechner schechnr@flash.net
Sat, 2 Jun 2001 10:00:58 -0600

>Oh sure, Glorko, bring up those painful memories!!   I leave a whole planet
>behind for you.  For his own good, I leave little Sparky Urinetoast in Rhode

And what kind of life is that for a young poltroon? Rhode Island?!? We have
counties here in Texas bigger than Rhode Island! I guess that explains his
turning to drawing comic books. What a life for a young lad! He could have
aspired to being like someone he admired... like Sergio! Uh... then he'd be
drawing comic books... hmmm... never mind!

>And now here I am alone in Washington with a bunch of dead

Better than a bunch of *live* ones.

(Hmmm... I wonder if some of your techniques would work on the in-laws?
Oooh, sorry!)

>Ha!  Kevin!  Ha and Double Ha!  Reminds me of 10-15 years ago.  Wait until
>they want to borrow the car, go to college, and get married!  (all on the
>same night!)

Mark Twain said something about when your kids become teenagers, put them
in a barrel and feed them through the plughole and when they turn 16, close
up the plughole... or something to that effect.

Later gang!