[Groop]Re: Groo Magnets

Joe Fricano oddman@hyperisland.se
Fri, 08 Jun 2001 08:53:11 +0200

> I hope you all know that you shouldn't stick them to your computer

Sticking them to the outer shell of a standard "tower" case shouldnīt do any
harm- the magnetism probably isnīt strong enough to do affect to hard drives
and such. If you really want to be safe- stick them on the side opposite of
where the motherboard (main circuit board) is screwed and remove them if
strange things start to happen. Donīt hold me to this though! It IS GROO
after all......

> especially shouldn't let them get near any floppy disks.

This is very true. Even small fridge-magnets can destroy data on a floppy
disk. I have however done some testing on this and it really wasnīt that
easy to destroy the data as you would think.

Droppying floppys and video cassettes onto a hard surface can also "shake
loose" magnetic particles and do damage.

To keep this Groo related:

My experiment seems to be working. My PC hasnīt crashed once since I put the
magnets on it. Must be a helluva battle between virtual Groo & Bill G. in