[Groop]ME's Website

Lucky Cat luckycat1998@hotmail.com
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 21:59:17 -0700

Hiya Groop,

I just read ME's story about Mel Torme.  It gave me the warm fuzzy's.  We 
saw Mel at Disneyland one year sitting on a bench in Frontierland.  We did 
not approach him because we did not want to barge in on his private time.  
Do you think celebrities want to be approached and praised?  or treated like 
a ordinary person......  What is Sergio's and Mark's opinion??  Do you mind 
people asking for autographs and such??

And Gary -- Rabid??  Gosh!!!

Eric -- Cute funnies... are you going to see Stan this weekend??


Lucky Cat  :-)
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