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Mark Evanier me@evanier.com
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 22:20:33 -0700

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001 21:59:17 -0700, "Lucky Cat"
<luckycat1998@hotmail.com> wrote:

>I just read ME's story about Mel Torme.  It gave me the warm fuzzy's.  We 
>saw Mel at Disneyland one year sitting on a bench in Frontierland.  We did 
>not approach him because we did not want to barge in on his private time.  
>Do you think celebrities want to be approached and praised?  or treated like 
>a ordinary person......  What is Sergio's and Mark's opinion??  Do you mind 
>people asking for autographs and such??

ME: Well, I don't mind folks asking for autographs since it doesn't
happen that often.  But I've been in public with folks like John
Travolta and Jay Leno who get mobbed to the point where they can't go
about their business.  That can get annoying.  I guess a good rule of
thumb is that they don't like it if it interferes with them eating the
meal they're eating or going wherever they're going.  But it can vary
from person to person.  I know celebrities who get antsy if they don't
get recognized and will do things to call attention to themselves.

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