[Groop]Good Humor Ice Cream

Eric Chun ericchun@hotmail.com
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 07:08:27

Tom wrote:
>Not that I claim to be an expert on good
>humor (no not the ice cream) but I Give
>it score of ***&1/2*(bonus +1/2* for
>originality).for a total of ****.

Hmm ...  4/10?  Not bad.  :)

Lucky cat wrote:
>Eric -- Cute funnies... are you going to
>see Stan this weekend??

Sorry -- bad timing.  I'll be in L.A.
this weekend.  :(

If you haven't seen Stan before, he's
very nice to fans.  If you purchase a
Usagi book from him, (I think) he usually
tries to draw a sketch in it.  :)

See you.


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