Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 16:19:47 -0800

Hi Folks!

Thanks to all for the concern about the earthquake.  For those of you who
went through San Francisco in 1989 or Northridge in 1994, this was not
nearly as big a deal.  I guess the depth of the quake has a lot to do with
how much it does, Richter scale measurement notwithstanding.  Most of the
damage was isolated in the old downtown sections of Olympia and Seattle,
with a number of facades and a couple walls partially falling down.  Old
bricks do not like earthquakes. The miracle is that no one walking down the
sidewalks by these buildings was killed.  My building in downtown Oly is
only 10 years old and shook like heck (aren't you proud of me, Eric?), but
that was it.  Most of downtown OLY & Seattle sit on land that has a lot of
fill & regrades, while Tacoma, right in between does not, which is why there
was a lot less damage there.

So damage for the most part is very isolated and you would never know
driving around that we had just had a "massive earthquake".  Nothing
happened to my house, even my shed!!!  The worst thing was that the poor dog
was so scared she peed on my daughter's bed!  Most folks didn't even lose a
dish or vase.  So it's kind of surreal.  45 seconds of rock and roll, talk
of 2 billion in damage, big headlines, and virtually no signs of it unless
you go looking to certain places.  Damage was more pervasive and easier to
see when we had an ice storm a few years ago. (Night of a thousand popping,
cracking, falling trees!) In the last 10 years we've also had floods that
left standing water where it shouldn't have been for weeks and a wind storm
that knocked out power in the whole county for 3-6 days.   Downtown Seattle
& Olympia were not affected by these things as much as they were affected by
the earthquake, but all the "outlying areas" were affected a whole lot more.

Anywho, again, thanks for your concern.  Take care all-Gary G.