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Rick Loomis rick@flyingbuffalo.com
Sat, 03 Mar 2001 21:19:29 -0700

At 12:00 PM 2/17/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Message: 1
>From: RMorris306@aol.com
>Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:12:08 EST
>Subject: Re: [Groop]Who is Bagakus?
>To: josh@newdream.net, groop@groo.com
>In a message dated 2/16/01 11:32:21 AM, josh@newdream.net writes:
><< sorry about that, I'm not sure why he thought the Groop was a good place
>to convert peopl to Islam. 
>I banned his email from posting again. I guess he can still email people
>directly by looking at the subscriber list and typing in their email
>What do people think? Should I make the subscriber list private
>(subscribers only)? Make it totally unavailable? Leave it how it is? >>

Sorry for the late reply to this, but this days Groopisms arrived while I
was out of town, and has been sitting on my laptop for some time. I'm just
now getting around to reading some of them. 

The Islam thing was just standard spam. I received 3 or 4 copies of it
myself, at my various email addresses. I'm sure the guy who sent it had no
idea what "the Groop" is. But that is a good reason for making the list
"private". As you said in another msg, the only valid reason for making it
public is so we can look each other up if we forget an address, and we're
all better off if we just keep records or wait until the person posts
again. Or insult him on the list so he has to respond!

Spammers often put "removal" addresses and "return" addresses on their
garbage that are fake, so you can't "ebomb" them. Is it a Grooism if they
try to sell you something by asking you to respond to an email address that
is fake or they no longer have access to?

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