Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 19:48:27 -0800

Hi Fellow Groo-List Lurkers!

To Ariel from Brazil:  Welcome to the USA!!!  Groo is published periodically
by Dark Horse in between other Sergio & Mark projects (which are also worth
buying)  If a local store doesn't carry them or won't order them, you can do
so direct from Dark Horse by going to their web site at www.dhcomics.com.
The 27 original Brazilian Groos covered Epic Groo 1-50 plus Pacific #2 and
there was a Brazilian version of the Death of Groo.  Then a couple years ago
the first Dark Horse Groo mini-series was published in Brazil (And, Yes, I
AM showing off.)

These Brazilian publications cover less than half of all the Groo stories,
so you might want to look for old Groos you haven't seen yet in addition to
the more current Groo tales and the trade paperback reprints that are
available from Dark Horse.  And if you are fluent in Spanish, which I
understand is not uncommon among folks from Brazil, you might look into
getting some of the trade  paperback reprints from Spain.  The recent ones
cover Groos not reprinted in Portuguese and are very high quality.

To John & Dustin:  John, OF COURSE  Dustin erred and didn't realize the guy
was selling cards and not comics.  We are Groo fans.  We Err!  All the time!
In fact, I am suspicious of any Groo fan who DOESN'T err a lot.  And
speaking of the cards, has anyone ever found that Groo Special #2 referenced
in the text of card #32?  That sure would be a cool find.....Why are you
looking at me like that?

Take care all, -Gary G.

PS to Ariel,  OK, I want to know.  Do the women wear fewer clothes on the
beaches of Florida or the beaches of Brazil?  (Here in Washington it's a
question of whether they wear more Gortex or more wool.)  -Gary "Soggy in
Seattle" & "Nothing to Ogle at Ocean Shores" Grossmann