[Groop]Groo in Spain

Fred Vigeant fvigeant@optonline.net
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 18:55:35 -0500

Was there last week on vacation. Wonderful place. Just wonderful. OK. If
that is so, what was I doing in a comic book store? We ahd planed to stay
longer in the Picasso museum. Turns out that all the prints ( they ahve a
nearly complete collection of Picasso prints.) Is out on loan.. so we ahd
time to visit the comics shop i the area. I wanted a Spansih Mad. Didn't
have one. They did ahve Groo though. I had to execise self control not to
buy more. At least until I learn Spanish. Fred

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> Fred Vigeant wrote:
> > Dear Groop,
> >
> > Picked up and nice copy of the Life of Groo and The Death of Groo
> >  combined) in Spanish at a comics store in Barcelona. It was very
> > inexpensive. I sure wish I could read Spanish.
> what are you doing in Barcelona....?  watching football (soccer) match...?
> just went there to buy those Spanish Groo reprints?.
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