[Groop]Met the Man in MI

MisterElie@aol.com MisterElie@aol.com
Sat, 19 May 2001 23:35:11 EDT

Saw Sergio and Stan's Groo talk today.  Went really well. They booked the 
Groo talk at the same time the Adam West talk was going on, yet a lot of 
people still attended Sergio's talk.  I saw at least one person with a Groop 
shirt on, but did not get a chance to meet with you.  Sergio said it best 
today when he told us he has about 20,000 people who read his comics.  All 
20,000 are loyal to him, so he knows he has the liberty to write whatever he 
wants because at least those 20,000 people will buy his comics.  How many 
creators are there in this day and age who can make that kind of statement?  
I learned more in 1 hour from him than I did in half a semester in college.