[Groop]where is it?

Bruce Senkpiel brucesenkpiel@hotmail.com
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 22:25:24 -0500

Enquiry:  i wanted to know how to get a copy of the life and death of groo 
autographed and how much it is, so if possible someone tell me

Answer (or at least one possible answer):  You could probably order it from 
your favourite comic book hideout or you could order it directly from 
Grapphitti Designs at www.graphittidesigns.com

They list the price of the "Limited Edition Hardcover of the Life and Death 
of Groo" at $59.95 US.

Some of us ordered one a long time ago and have waited and waited and waited 
some more for it to come out; others have cancelled their order until 
choosing to wait until it is actually ready for shipping (maybe now would be 
a good time to reorder?  maybe not?)


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