[Groop]Groo News From ME

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Sat, 3 Nov 2001 14:20:07 -0800

> We
> will be bringing you the return of one of Sergio's older characters,
> T.C. MARS!  This is a female detective that Sergio did for a few
> comics in the seventies.  The new mini-series will reprint some of the
> old material and finish off dangling storylines with new material.

Hi Folks!

The T.C Mars should be really cool!  It's also really cool from a
technical/historical standpoint as well as its own merits.  Only a few pages
were published in Joe Kubert's experimental Sojourn #1 & #2 (that's all
there were) in 1978.  But Sergio had most of an entire comic book length
story done.  Sojourn was done in a newspaper format and size and the
dimensions are different from a standard comic book.  Sergio took his 23
year old art and seamlessly modified it to comic book dimensions.  He also
modified some of the characters.  So when you see the "copy write 1978,
2001" in the book, it's not that some pages were done 23 years apart, the
artwork in individual panels was done 23 years apart.

The story behind the text is similar. The late Don Rico did the dialogue (a
la ME) for the beginning of the story in1978 (I'm not sure how many pages).
Now, of course, Mark will pick up where Mr. Rico left off.  The credits page
will be very interesting.

Anywho, I thought you folks might like to know "The rest of the story"  I
wonder if Sergio will slip in a tiny Groo somewhere?

Take care -Gary G.