[Groop]Strangest Groo website....

Ruben Arellano rarellano@shaw.ca
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 21:23:31 -0800

Hmmm, very very close.  But the real answer is more boring.  Sorry.

Hey, Hoboken is in New Jersey!

PS: one of my messages from a few days ago contains a really vague clue...

Of course, if no one guesses, Gary will get the prize.


Gary Grossmann wrote:

>Hi Folks!
>Well, as any fool can plainly see, this is the photo, circa 1912, of a group
>of family and friends attending a rather fancy double funeral in a country
>that didn't exist after World War I and no one can quite remember. Notice
>that behind the space between the two groups is a large floral arrangement
>that has just been laid on the rather ostentatious, albeit flat, monument
>that sits over the departeds' grave.
>And it's all very appropriate, especially the flat part, because this is a
>photo of the funeral of Wlbur and Orville "Hammy Boy" Groo, erstwhile
>inventors of the Groo Rubberband and Seltzer Bottle Areocraft and (for a
>very short time) owners of the GR&SB Air Express Shuttle Service.
>Immigrants Wilbur, a rubber products sales rep, and Orville, a failed
>vaudeville comedian, hit upon the idea for the aircraft and shuttle service
>one night while getting completely snockered on the red-eye train between
>Hoboken and Poughkeepsie.  Unfortunately, they followed through with their
>plans even after they sobered up and returned to their native land in Europe
>where they could borrow the needed cash.  On the maiden voyage of in front
>of their investors, Orville crashed the craft right on top of Wilbur,
>killing them both.
>Both the flattened brothers and their flattened plane were buried in the
>flat gravesite because it was easier than trying to separate everything.  To
>console themselves, the bereaved Family Groo you see in the photo decided to
>take a cruise to the United States.  As you probably guessed already, they
>booked passage on the Titanic.
>And THAT is why the photo is on Groo.com.
>Take care all -Gary G.
>PS  I win the prize, right?
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>>Check this secret website out.  Win a prize if you can guess what the
>>heck it is for.
>>Oddly enough, it has changed since the last time I saw it a long time
>>Cleanin' out the old bookmark garage,
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