[Groop]back from sweden!

Josh 'Wet Exit' Jones josh@newdream.net
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 09:58:12 -0700 (PDT)

I just flew back from 2 weeks in Sweden and boy are my arms tired!

I went into a comic book store while I was there and guess what they had
some of? "Groo Svardbararen"! I bought all the ones they had, including
two duplicates!

So now I was planning on selling the two extras at cost and on a
first-come, first-served basis to the groo list! One exception, if somehow
these are things Gary doesn't have, and somehow if Gary DOESN'T write back
first, Gary still gets first dibs. Please write baack privately if you're
interested instead of to the whole groop!

The comics are:

The Eclipse Special, but as a hardback book, with a black background! It
was printed in Hungary in 1989 according to the inside cover. It's all in
Swedish and the beginning has some kind of article about Sergio with real
photographs. Inside it's got the how groo got his swords, the music of
merkos story from 1977 and the short story where groo eats those little
green guys that say "chirk". It was $10 US and is in probably NM condition
I'd say.

The other is Groo Svardbararen #3 from 1985, the Pacific Shanghaied issue!
It was $5.50. It's probably in VG-NM shape I'd say. It's got an extra
little story in the back that wasn't in the pacific one too, by Sergio,
but not about Groo. It's a story about a contortionist who robs a bank and
then hides in the trash can but then gets dumped into the ocean when the
garbage man takes him out. It's all in Swedish but I figured it out!!

So anyway, I'm selling them both for $15 US plus whatever shipping is? I
guess $5 to the US. So $20. You can pay with paydirect.yahoo.com or I
guess mail me money or something.

Write me if you want em!