[Groop]back from sweden!

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 21:18:00 -0700

Hi Folks!

Josh, thank you so much for the consideration!  I do have those Swedish
Groos, so other Groopies can put in for them.  Again, thanks for giving me
first dibs!  Take care -Gary "Not a world traveler like Josh & Sergio but I
have my ways" Grossmann

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> I just flew back from 2 weeks in Sweden and boy are my arms tired!
> I went into a comic book store while I was there and guess what they had
> some of? "Groo Svardbararen"! I bought all the ones they had, including
> two duplicates!
> So now I was planning on selling the two extras at cost and on a
> first-come, first-served basis to the groo list! One exception, if somehow
> these are things Gary doesn't have, and somehow if Gary DOESN'T write back
> first, Gary still gets first dibs. Please write baack privately if you're
> interested instead of to the whole groop!
> The comics are:
> The Eclipse Special, but as a hardback book, with a black background! It
> was printed in Hungary in 1989 according to the inside cover. It's all in
> Swedish and the beginning has some kind of article about Sergio with real
> photographs. Inside it's got the how groo got his swords, the music of
> merkos story from 1977 and the short story where groo eats those little
> green guys that say "chirk". It was $10 US and is in probably NM condition
> I'd say.
> The other is Groo Svardbararen #3 from 1985, the Pacific Shanghaied issue!
> It was $5.50. It's probably in VG-NM shape I'd say. It's got an extra
> little story in the back that wasn't in the pacific one too, by Sergio,
> but not about Groo. It's a story about a contortionist who robs a bank and
> then hides in the trash can but then gets dumped into the ocean when the
> garbage man takes him out. It's all in Swedish but I figured it out!!
> So anyway, I'm selling them both for $15 US plus whatever shipping is? I
> guess $5 to the US. So $20. You can pay with paydirect.yahoo.com or I
> guess mail me money or something.
> Write me if you want em!
> josh!
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