[Groop]sergio checklist

Denis Hackney dhackney@optusnet.com.au
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:42:15 +1000

"Raul Aguirre Jr." wrote:
> Does anyone out there know how many of those little Mad paperbacks
> Sergio has done.  I'd love a list of the titles so that I can expand
> my current collection.  Mr. Grossmann, I'm looking in your
> direction.  Thanks!

I believe the document you're looking for is Ruben Arellano's
Sergiography, which is an unofficial attempt at listing everything
Sergio has ever done.  It's nowhere near being complete, but that's
only because the vast amounts of stuff Sergio has done over the years
is all but impossible to catalogue in its entirety...

You should be able to find it at:
I think this is the best place to get it - if there's somewhere
better, someone will no doubt point it out shortly...

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