[Groop]sergio checklist

Vaughn Seward vaughn@sewardconsulting.com
Sun, 09 Sep 2001 20:44:41 -0600

The following is the list I have:

Viva MAD
MAD about MAD
MAD-ly Yours
In MAD We Trust
MAD as the Devil
Incurably MAD
Shootin' MAD
MAD Marginals
MAD as a Hatter
MAD Menagerie
More MAD Marginals
MAD Pantomimes
More MAD Pantomimes
MAD as Usual
Totally MAD
SA's Next MAD Book

I have all these except "Totally MAD" -- it never appeared an eBay after almost a year of watching for it so I have given up. 


At 2001/09/09 08:33 PM, you wrote:
Does anyone out there know how many of those little Mad paperbacks Sergio has done.  I'd love a list of the titles so that I can expand my current collection.  Mr. Grossmann, I'm looking in your direction.  Thanks!