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Tue, 11 Sep 2001 20:16:22 -0700

I'm not as eloquent as Chris and others, but I share his thought exactly.
Fred V., thanks for the anecdotal good news.  I hope that Larry & all the
other NYC Groopies will let us know they are OK when they get the chance.
Peace to all, -Gary G.

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> Groop,
> I watched today's events unfold with disbelief, but at the same time, not
> terribly surprised, knowing what hate and evil exist in our world today.
> 83 year old dad said he didn't think he should live so long to experience
> two Pearl Harbors in one lifetime. I went to my church tonight to pray
> some of my friends and the shock was universal there, too. This cowardly
> and evil act has affected all of us. But I choose to refuse to be a victim
> of someone's sick mind. I'm going to look for the good I can, pray for the
> victims, and trust my God. I thank you folks in the groop for being who
> are. We have a bunch of friends who are Muslim, Atheist, Christian, or
> whatever who support each other and care for each other. That good can
> overcome evil.
> Your friend,
> Chris
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