Chris Schechner schechnr@flash.net
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 21:12:52 -0600


I watched today's events unfold with disbelief, but at the same time, not
terribly surprised, knowing what hate and evil exist in our world today. My
83 year old dad said he didn't think he should live so long to experience
two Pearl Harbors in one lifetime. I went to my church tonight to pray with
some of my friends and the shock was universal there, too. This cowardly
and evil act has affected all of us. But I choose to refuse to be a victim
of someone's sick mind. I'm going to look for the good I can, pray for the
victims, and trust my God. I thank you folks in the groop for being who you
are. We have a bunch of friends who are Muslim, Atheist, Christian, or
whatever who support each other and care for each other. That good can help
overcome evil.

Your friend,