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Roland Mueller rsmueller@netzero.net
Thu, 13 Sep 2001 06:46:58 -0400

To the Groop,

Everything happened so quickly on tuesday, my head is still spinning.
It's awful that a handful of terrorists could affect the lives of so
many innocent people.    Living in the Chicago area, we felt that we
could be also on the terrorists hit list with all the skyscrapers and
airplanes we have flying around here.  We closed the airports, some
major buildings, schools, and the major shopping malls to prevent more
terrorism.  But we felt useless in not be able to help our brothers in
NYC.  We continue to pray for everyone that was affected by these
terrible attacks on NYC. I hope that we can get to the bottom of the
problem of terrorism by eliminating all known terrorist organizations
and the countries that support them.  It would make a safer place to
live for all of our civilized brothers and sisters around the world.

God bless,


Lawrence Steller wrote:

> Oh, a sad but ironic thought just came to me. Greg
> Craill was one of many to send me a note hoping I am
> okay. THANKS GREG!!!
> The irony is, the night before the tragedy, I had
> responded to an email from him in which he said he and
> his wife will be visiting NYC soon, and wanted to hear
> ideas for things to do. Among my suggestions:
> -World Trade Center, although not as cool as the
> Empire State Building, is a bit bigger!
> Posted 9/10!!! I wonder Greg, did you read this before
> or after you heard the tragic news???
> -Larry Steller
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