[Groop]World Trade Center

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I read Larry's email the night before at about 11pm, (local time) he also
said that where he worked (MACY's) was about a block from the Empire State
Building, then I heard at work what had happened, I got home about 7pm and
saw the photos on CNN, and amongst all the smoke I saw the tip of the Empire
State Building . . . . . . .

"A block WHICH WAY LARRY ! " came to mind in a heart stopping moment, I know
from our brief meeting that Larry is a people guy, and if he was close
enough to do so he would have been helping. I had a sleepless night waiting
to hear from Larry I must say. And was very relieved to hear he was ok.


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> Oh, a sad but ironic thought just came to me. Greg
> Craill was one of many to send me a note hoping I am
> okay. THANKS GREG!!!
> The irony is, the night before the tragedy, I had
> responded to an email from him in which he said he and
> his wife will be visiting NYC soon, and wanted to hear
> ideas for things to do. Among my suggestions:
> -World Trade Center, although not as cool as the
> Empire State Building, is a bit bigger!
> Posted 9/10!!! I wonder Greg, did you read this before
> or after you heard the tragic news???
> -Larry Steller
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