[Groop]Ebay Groo Cover

Shane Clarke sac@foolarchy.com
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 08:10:06 -0700

There might even be more story to this specific original cover. Maybe. Gary
is all knowing.


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Hi Jared,

I've been on the list for a while and thought I'd break my duck (sorry lame
British cricket expression).  Often on ebay there are sketches by Sergio for
sale and every now and again a page from MAD or Groo.  The pages themselves
are rare but to see a cover is even more so.  I have only once before seen a
cover for sale and I was too late to buy it when I got the dealer site.

If you've got the cash and wanted it then I'd say go for it as not many
chances like this come around.  Plus if it's a good cover with Groo and
Rufferto then I don't think $750 is too bad either.


John in London.

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I was looking up Groo on Ebay and i came across a Groo Original Cover
(selling for $750!!??!!). I have never before come across any original
artwork from the comics and always assumed Sergio did not sell any (though
the amount of comics done over the years would have lead to a ton of pages).
  I was wondering if one of you could put in perspective how rare this item

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