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Sat, 6 Apr 2002 10:12:34 +0200 (CEST)


Just to let Gary know that, when my current .signature wears off (the
french lines you can read down there is here for a limited time), and if
there are enough STUPID Groo Facts for my signature to be random enough,
I'll start using Gary's SGF as a signature.

I've put them in the following format for now (some of them are a little
long for the customary 4 lines signature, though. Maybe I should remove
the comments in parentheses):

Gary Grossmann's STUPID Groo Fact #1:

Through Death & Taxes #3, there have been 4391 original cartoon Groo
comic pages.

(This includes all cartoon pages of all the Groo stories, all extra stuff in
the comics and the American reprints, and all the covers of both the comics
and the American reprints. The wraparound covers count as two pages.  It
doesn't include original pages done for ads or original covers and intro
pages done for International reprints.)


Gary Grossmann's STUPID Groo Fact #2:

As of April 1st, 2002, the total number of Groo Text pages is 276.
(Most of which is Groo Gram pages)

And so on...

I am also the proud owner of a list of 48 (I think) YKYAAGW phrases.
Shall I post them here again someday?

 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK

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