[Groop]STUPID Groo Fact #5

Ronny Hansen groop@ronnyhansen.net
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 14:38:15 +0200

> Theoretically, there were 76 hidden messages in the Groo comics.
> There was one in Epic #4-#76 and then again in #84, #90, and #101.

There are a section on my Groo page listing hidden messages, and I 
see I have listed one in #100 (Page 30, bookbacks), and one in Death 
of Groo (Page 34, messagescrolls), Dark Horse MS-1 (Page 6, on two 
There are also Mocosa's haircut in #2(epic) which spells Jaffee.

I haven't had the chance to verify these today, but as far as I can 
remember they were verified when I typed them in some years ago.. :)

Yours truly, Ronny Hansen