[Groop]STUPID Groo Fact #5

Ronny Hansen groop@ronnyhansen.net
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 21:56:55 +0200

> Hi Ronny!
> (Ronny is LLLooonnnggg time Groopie who has been mostly lurking lately and
> has his own cool Groo web site)
> Maybe you can verify these other hidden messages and then we can change
> STUPID Groo Fact #5 to an accurate number.  Also, I might have messed up and
> marked #101 as having a hidden message when I meant to mark #100.  At the
> moment I can't even remember how I knew they were there.  Also Mark reveals
> where the #4-#76 HM's are in #14, #21, #27, #32, #47, #58, & #79.

Gary's right, I have been lurking here a LONG time... And have I have a Groo site which I 
try to keep updated, but sadly haven't had time to add a lot of new stuff there lately.

Have checked out the issues mentioned now, and can verify there are a hidden 
message in #100 (can't find any in #101), Death of Groo, DH ms-1 Issue 2, and Jaffee's 
haircut in Epic #2.
That should add up to 79 hidden messages.

PS! If you get hold of those DH buttons Gary, you know I'd like one.

Yours truly, 
Ronny Hansen