[Groop]STUPID Groo Fact #5

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 19:11:09 -0800

> Gary's right, I have been lurking here a LONG time... And have I have a
Groo site which I
> try to keep updated, but sadly haven't had time to add a lot of new stuff
there lately.
> Have checked out the issues mentioned now, and can verify there are a
> message in #100 (can't find any in #101), Death of Groo, DH ms-1 Issue 2,
and Jaffee's
> haircut in Epic #2.
> That should add up to 79 hidden messages.
> PS! If you get hold of those DH buttons Gary, you know I'd like one.
> Yours truly,
> Ronny Hansen

Thanks Ronny!

Now I'm sure I just made a mark by #101 on my spread sheet when I meant to
make the mark by #100.  But I'm not going to count Jaffee's hair because
that is Sergio doing to his caricature of Jaffee what Jaffee does to his own
caricatures of himself, rather than a hidden message.  So the total I'm
going to use is 78, unless someone knows some others.  Should I count the
one in the poster?  -Gary G.  .