[Groop]Stupid Groo Fact #23

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:56:05 -0700

I stand corrected.

And so to make it accurate, STUPID Groo Fact #23 is amended to read "The
first words of Groo seen by the reading public were "Oh, well..."

And because I'm lazy and because Shane has a sketch card and I hate him, I'm
going to declare his contributions to be STUPID Groo Facts # 26 & #27.

#26: Groo's first words were "WZA MZZA ZMP!"
#27: Groo's first coherent words were "ME FIX!"

Given the number of times Groo has actually fixed anything on purpose, You
gotta love the irony of his first coherent words!  (Mark & Sergio are good
at irony.)

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  Shane!  You lurker you!  Are you gonna be at San Diego this year?  Where
have you been hiding?

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> Um... Gary... I'm gonna have to contest this one :)
> I would think that Groo's first words were, "WZA MZZA ZMP!" and Groo's
> first coherent words were, "ME FIX!"
> Your fact is more like Groo's first words in a comic book :)
> I read it as literally, Groo's first words... in which case you know you
> have to reference "The Life of Groo" :)
> I'm just a stickler huh?
> -shane
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> Hi Folks!
> Stupid Groo Fact #23:  Groo's first words were "Oh, well..."  in a
> thought
> bubble in the final panel of the Destroyer Duck Groo Story, known as
> "Groo
> and the Maiden," although there was no formal title.  Unless I am
> mistaken,
> these are the only words in any Groo comic NOT lettered by Stan Sakai.
> I
> think Sergio lettered them himself.  Take care -Gary G.
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