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Grossmann, Gary GaryG@DOR.WA.GOV
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:31:54 -0700

Hi Jorge!
Well, as has been reported, the PVC figures will be coming out soon, the
rate of the alphabet trade paperbacks will be cranked up, and a couple
non-Groo Sergio-Mark projects will be on tap before too long (Magnor TPB,
new Magnor, T.C. Mars.)  
Also, there was talk about bookends, which I don't believe Sergio has
sculpted yet, but even if he has, the process once it's out of Sergio's
hands could be pretty long.  Also, there was talk of a 128 page or so Groo
anniversary compendium with all sorts of cool stuff.  I assume both these
things are still in the works, but Mark hasn't given us an update lately.
When there is something to report, he will.  He always does.  
As for action figures, the combination of Groo's physique (most notably his
legs) and Sergio's & Mark's demand for a high quality product have so far
precluded action figures.  
-Gary G.  

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When are we going to see more Groo books and merchandise? Todd Mcfarlane
would make an awesome Groo action figure series. Wonder if he's a fan of
Sergio's work...