[Groop]Groop debates

rarellano@shaw.ca rarellano@shaw.ca
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 15:23:22 -0800

I just wanted to make a couple of suggestions to all those that enjoy publicly 'discussing' their views on religion and politics:
1) Always RESPECT the other person's opinions, even if you do not agree with them.  There's absolutely no point in debating with someone you don't show respect for.
2) Always keep in mind that the media always has some degree of bias (from small to large) on how issues are reported, so don't be quick to form a strong opinion or accusation without examining multiple sources and sides on the issue.  The 'truth' is usually somewhere in between.

>From the multitude of posts I've read over the past while, these two points have been missed at one point or another by most people (on both sides of the debate).  When our heart wants to speak out, it's hard to keep in mind that the world is not always black and white.

Well, except when it comes to the statement "Groo is the Best."

>From Canada with love,