[Groop]Comics... in a Book Store?

Azamin \" Cantona " Zainol Abidin azamin7@pd.jaring.my
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:37:50 +0800

I first encoutered with Groo comic books when I was at my grandmother's
house.. I found 4 Groo comic books which belongs to my cousin... so when I
went back to Kuala Lumpur.. I found out that it's being sold at a bookshop
and bought it up till when the last issue where it was no more sold at the
newstands in the US... I then subscribe for 1 year with marvel direct
sales and a few copies went missing as somebody who like comic book took
it at my mailbox... (At that time I lived at the university hostel).. and
in the same time I also bought it from comic book stores in KL.... My fav.
comic book shop is called "The Mind Shop".  That's before I joined this
mailing list..

I found this mailing list by searching on the internet around 1995 but
didn't joined until 1998 after I had my own internet account with an
ISP.... previously I access the internet thru my university account...
which I cannot access it from home...

Chad Riden wrote:

> This reminds me.. I first found Groo in a wire rack at a drug store. I
> saw the colorful cover of Epic #33, and "Sergio Aragones" on the top
> and freaked out. "He has a comic book!? Cool!" I bought it, and my
> brothers and I immediately were dessesbo.
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