[Groop]Mid OhioCoc/Thank You

Thomas Gatto arwincid@hotmail.com
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 09:45:39 -0500

It happened again!

I was at Mid Ohio Con (I was the one on the Groo jacket with the red dragon 
on it), minding my own business, when I stopped at this table to see what 
was goings on therabouts.  I had my hardbound Groo Chronicles with me, and 
the same guy from a few years ago grabbed it and DREW IN IT!!! Oh sure it 
was a cool Chakal to go with the Groo, Rufferto, Sage and Minstrel 
alreadydrawn, but how rude can you get? This is the THIRD TIME that funny 
guy with the handlebar mustache has defaced my property!  Not to mention the 
posters he rote on, and such.  Whats going on I'd like to know?

Has Sergio ever thought of doing a How to draw Groo book, or a poster book, 
or even a book of doodles? Any type of artbook would be great!

I was out of $ but i want Marks book, can I get one off your web page, or 
from the publisher?

What was with all the Storm Troopers (they were cool)? Maybee we should 
start a Storm Grooper club, we could wear huge bits of leg armor, and silly 
hats ans such, and harass other enactors.

AKA Thomas F. Gatto

P.S. Since I now have more cool signed Groo stuff than unsigned Groo stuff, 
I'd like to say thanks to Sergio and Mark.  I would probable drive 6 hours 
to see Dave Sim, or Massasumi Shirow (sp.), or a few others, but no one else 
would get 3 (count them 3 now) 6 hour drives out of my lazy bones.

Sorry this took so long to write, I've been pulling doubles at work.

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