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Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 20:57:39 -0800

My only thought (I'm only capable of one at a time) is that I'm not sure it
would be worth it without a strong injection of Grooness, which would be
much more involved than what this company does.  I mean, it's hard for me to
think of Groo and think of a straight game of Monopoly where the only
difference is the name of the properties.

Groo-opoly should have ships instead of railroads.  And something like
Sergio caricatures replacing the Monopoly man on the Community Chest and
Chance cards.  And what they say should be tailored to Groo. "Take a ride on
the Reading. Roll the dice to see how far you go before it sinks."  (There
could be a Rufferto Chance card to keep that from happening.) And on the
whole rent business; if you land on someone else's property, you roll again
to see if you pay them or slay them or at least beat them up.  If they have
houses and hotels, you roll to see if they burn down or not.

Stuff like that.  Now I know this is not the concept Rick had in mind and
I've gone way off on a silly tangent, but I couldn't resist.  I agree that
the hardest part would be figuring out where the various characters go.
Half of them belong on Baltic & Mediterranean.  But if Mark thinks Sergio
would get a kick out of it, I'm up for it.   -Gary G.

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> Of course, Gary is going to want a copy of this game. If Mark and Sergio
> don't mind, and Gary wants to put out $200 for his own personal copy, then
> HE could bring it to San Diego every year and the rest of us could then
> play it once a year! And there would only be two copies in the world.
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