[Groop]Re: PS TO Groop Great Gift Idea

The Craills thecraills@falcompound.com.sa
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 10:14:05 +0300

> > Stuff like that.  Now I know this is not the concept Rick had in mind
> I've gone way off on a silly tangent, but I couldn't resist.

Actually sounded dead on track for a Groo item Gary, not off tangent at all.
And Groo would pay people money when they landed on his properties, then
destroy the properties, then slay the person on his destroyed properties,
then listen to Taranto and go counter-clockwise instead of clockwise around
the board.

I would say Groo would have a six sided die, (singular of dice) and it would
have (left 1d6, left 2d6, right 1d6, right 2d6, food, food) options on it,
so 1/3 of the time the Groo piece would eat else it moves as indicated, if
there is something to fray or destroy on that square then it is and Groo
rolls again until he eats.

Of course this email absolutely guarantees that ME and SA will never use the
idea, but I figured it was safe enough as they have that already in the Groo
card game and wouldn't be looking at other board games for Groo.

GC (Gary Craig)