[Groop]Groo Collection for Sale

Charles L. Klein cklein@mn.rr.com
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 16:17:04 -0600

Oh, I forgot to mention I also found ONE copy of Lint McCree as well (I
bought it).  I REALLY wish I had ordered all of those when Nate had extras!

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Speaking of which I just visited a different store yesterday (The Mind's
Eye - they support Doctor Who on PBS here) and I found several copies of
recent Sergio material going "back" to the Image run.  Of course they DIDN'T
have the one issue of Fanboy I'm missing (#6), nor did they have Massacre's
Marvel (which I'm also missing), but they had Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the
Dead)!  I THINK they had all the Groo and Rufferto series, parts of Fanboy,
Space Circus and others (But no Marvel or Pacific).  If anyone is interested
in any of them give me a private e-mail and I'll check to see if it's there
and get it to you.

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Please take a look at my list of Groo comics and
feel free to make an offer.  Thanks.



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