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Kinda hard for us "text only" type people to read... but funny.

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Hey Mark!

I nominate THIS story for inclusion in the Groo 20th
Anniversary Special!!! If not, then at least a future

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<P>For more than a year ago, I wrote you an article
about som spooky and coincidal appearences of the name
Groo (though in many forms, such as Grooth
or&nbsp;Gropius and I specially recall one,&nbsp;most
suspectible, called Groopman) among the ranks of the
swedish warriorking Charles XIIs army. In
1709&nbsp;this army was - not in such
mysterical&nbsp;circumstances after all - completely
destroyed by russian forces in the battle at Poltava
(one of the kings generals that&nbsp;has been blamed
for one of the most fatal mistakes during this
battle&nbsp;was Carl Gustaf Roos; or C G Roos; C
Groos; well you se where im pointing at). </P>
<P>Recently, I ran over yet another unpleasant
Groorelated historical incident: </P>
<P>In 1628 the swedish royal navy was to
be&nbsp;reinforced by a huge and&nbsp;usable new
admiralship named Wasa (you might actually know about
her, shes pretty unique of her kind). This great
vessel was built in massive oak,
decorated&nbsp;with&nbsp;alot of gold, carried 64
bronze cannons (terrifying numbers then) and some 200
men. The 10th of August she&nbsp;left the docks of
Stockholm&nbsp;on her maiden
voyage,&nbsp;with&nbsp;open gunports, full sails,
flags atop and was expected to salute her way through
the archipelago heading for the Baltic sea. The ship
was to sail to Germany, where Sweden had just engaged
on the protestant side in the Thirty Years War, to
help tackle the catholic onslaught. But to the horror
of the townspeople (not to speak abuot&nbsp;her crew)
"something" got wrong and she sunk at the
ceremonial&nbsp;depature, within a few minutes, right
before their eyes in the waters of the Stockholm
harbour. Disaster. </P>
<P>Late theories speculate that the accident was
caused by unbalance in&nbsp;Wasas weight and height,
causing the ship to flip to her side&nbsp;letting
water flush into the the open gunports. I early bought
that theory, thinking they should have loaded her with
even more guns&nbsp;correcting the instability. </P>
<P>Now, however, I know better. &nbsp;&nbsp;</P>
<P>Just guess what the constructors name was. Arndt de
Groot. I couldnt believe my eyes (or could I?).
Someone erred! And I cant stop thinking about that
early Groo adventure called Shanghaied: will I ever be
able to enter the museum of the Wasa again, without
hearing the hysterical laughter of captain Ahax
echoing through the walls of the exhibition hall?</P>
<P>Probably to be continued. /Oskar. </P>
<P>Wasa was dragged out of the water in 1961, some 333
years after the shipwreck, was rebuilt and put into
her final restingplace in the "catacomb" called the
Wasamuseum. Its now a popular tourist attraction. Some
visitors might even notice the stale stench of 17th
century cheese dip around. None has ever been blamed
or punished for the
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