[Groop]Groo in swedish history (part 2)

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I second that notion. Very good stuff- thanks for the chuckles Oscar
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> Hey Mark!
> I nominate THIS story for inclusion in the Groo 20th
> Anniversary Special!!! If not, then at least a future
> GrooGrams!
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> <P>For more than a year ago, I wrote you an article
> about som spooky and coincidal appearences of the name
> Groo (though in many forms, such as Grooth
> or&nbsp;Gropius and I specially recall one,&nbsp;most
> suspectible, called Groopman) among the ranks of the
> swedish warriorking Charles XIIs army. In
> 1709&nbsp;this army was - not in such
> mysterical&nbsp;circumstances after all - completely
> destroyed by russian forces in the battle at Poltava
> (one of the kings generals that&nbsp;has been blamed
> for one of the most fatal mistakes during this
> battle&nbsp;was Carl Gustaf Roos; or C G Roos; C
> Groos; well you se where im pointing at). </P>
> <P>Recently, I ran over yet another unpleasant
> Groorelated historical incident: </P>
> <P>In 1628 the swedish royal navy was to
> be&nbsp;reinforced by a huge and&nbsp;usable new
> admiralship named Wasa (you might actually know about
> her, shes pretty unique of her kind). This great
> vessel was built in massive oak,
> decorated&nbsp;with&nbsp;alot of gold, carried 64
> bronze cannons (terrifying numbers then) and some 200
> men. The 10th of August she&nbsp;left the docks of
> Stockholm&nbsp;on her maiden
> voyage,&nbsp;with&nbsp;open gunports, full sails,
> flags atop and was expected to salute her way through
> the archipelago heading for the Baltic sea. The ship
> was to sail to Germany, where Sweden had just engaged
> on the protestant side in the Thirty Years War, to
> help tackle the catholic onslaught. But to the horror
> of the townspeople (not to speak abuot&nbsp;her crew)
> "something" got wrong and she sunk at the
> ceremonial&nbsp;depature, within a few minutes, right
> before their eyes in the waters of the Stockholm
> harbour. Disaster. </P>
> <P>Late theories speculate that the accident was
> caused by unbalance in&nbsp;Wasas weight and height,
> causing the ship to flip to her side&nbsp;letting
> water flush into the the open gunports. I early bought
> that theory, thinking they should have loaded her with
> even more guns&nbsp;correcting the instability. </P>
> <P>Now, however, I know better. &nbsp;&nbsp;</P>
> <P>Just guess what the constructors name was. Arndt de
> Groot. I couldnt believe my eyes (or could I?).
> Someone erred! And I cant stop thinking about that
> early Groo adventure called Shanghaied: will I ever be
> able to enter the museum of the Wasa again, without
> hearing the hysterical laughter of captain Ahax
> echoing through the walls of the exhibition hall?</P>
> <P>Probably to be continued. /Oskar. </P>
> <P>---</P>
> <P>Wasa was dragged out of the water in 1961, some 333
> years after the shipwreck, was rebuilt and put into
> her final restingplace in the "catacomb" called the
> Wasamuseum. Its now a popular tourist attraction. Some
> visitors might even notice the stale stench of 17th
> century cheese dip around. None has ever been blamed
> or punished for the
> catastroph...&nbsp;<BR><BR><BR></P>
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