[Groop]OT-Nigeria (sorry)/don't feel like the Lone Ranger...

Azamin azamin7@medical-online.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:37:30 +0800

--- Bodhikt@aol.com wrote:

> I've heard more "nun jokes" in the last 50 years,
> than criticism of  Middle-Eastern dress codes. Nuns may be "respected
> for (their) submission to God", but they are STILL being ridiculed for
> "uniform" they once wore (the only nuns I know wearing "traditional"
> are Buddhist; the only Catholic nuns I've met in the last couple of
> decades, wear modern Western  clothing-- "business attire".)

As far as I know.. Buddist don't have nun.. but they have monk... and
they somehow appeared many times in Groo comic books

>  About the only praise coming the way of Western  "stay at home moms"
is from
> rather ummm.... conservative.... elements of Western  society. Those
who call
> for the "liberalization" of Moslem women tend to  criticize, and treat
as if
> they are a bit retarded, those who choose, for  whatever reason, to
stay home
> with the kids. Been there, done that. Still doing  that mostly. Stay
at home
> dads get even more criticism -- and from all  sides....

As Islam viewed women as to be protected... some Islamic country
discourage women to work at night/night shift as to protect women from
being attack on their way to works/ or back from work... so they only
works during daylight... (except if they go out with their
husband/relatives or in groups)