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Cool!  -Gary G.

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> Dear Group:
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> "Then there was a guy who has over 2000 Disney Pins.  He trades with a
> of other folks, a large number of whom all took a Disney Pin Collector
> cruise together.  Can you imagine if we did that?  The ship would never
> out of the harbor!!"
> Just make sure someone brings rufferto along!
> I have a bit of collector mania too.  Besides being a groo collector, i
have been a baseball card collector for many many years now, and not having
many friends being a total dork (or as well all call ourselves a Groo fan) I
have over 18,000 cards many of them very good ones.  It took me many hours
the last time i counted them all one by one!  Also have autographed
baseballs, one of them my favorite being the one Sergio autographed and drew
a pic of Groo on! And of course i have Groo!  Have almost all the issues,
the card set, the card game with expansion set, the ornament, wish i had the
statue :( , an origional drawing of groo and rufferto, an origional sketch
sergio did of the sage for me, and several of Sergio's MAD books and the
first issue of MAD that featured Sergio's work.  Also have some smaller
collections of coins US and foreign.  Thats about it, but am sure I'm
forgetting some other junk collection i have and forgot about.
> Take care and happy Turkey Day!  Am thankful for Groo!
> -Aaron
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