[Groop]Groo video game?

Joseph (oddman) oddman@hyperisland.se
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This topic has come up a bunch of times before. I think Sergio and M.E. have spoken to some companies about a Groo video game but Mark has made it very clear the he and Sergio must be 100% satisfied that the characters will be portrayed correctly. I guess the "right" deal/idea/company just hasnŽt materialised yet.

I had a short e-mail discussion with him about it (I work in the game industry) a while back and he said he "had a hunch" that theyŽll do a game some day but that he and Sergio would be involved from the very beginning or it would not happen. (Note to any other developers listening- donŽt even think about doing any concept work or tech-demos without consulting the Groo Crew about it first...)  : )

Guess weŽll just have to wait and see. But If/when it really does happen, I have a feeling that they will not go for the "Mindless Generic Action Game" concept.

Personally, IŽd like to see Groo in some kind of old-style adventure game where you do a lot of wandering/exploring from city to city and over landscapes. (Not like over of those third person adventures- something grander in scale...)


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> Actually there's a game which comes a little closer to the style and game 
> play of a "Groo the Wanderer" game.  Well two really, Dynasty Warriors 2 
> and Dynasty Warriors 3.  Whereas the Kessen games are mostly based on 
> strategy which involves thinking the DW games are nothing more than 
> mindless hack and slash games which involves nothing more than pressing 
> buttons quickly. DW games also have the same hundreds of enemies on screen 
> which definitely make it look like a good fray.  You can guess which games 
> I like most.
> Hey Mark, have you or Sergio been approached by a company about making Groo 
> into a videogame?  With one of your stories it would be a great game.
> At 11:10 AM 10/19/02 -0400, jo567779@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu wrote:
> >Just a small note to the Groo groop, my brother was playing the Playstation 2
> >game "Kessen II" that just came out, and its battle system would really lend
> >itself towards a "Groo the Wanderer" game.
> >
> >The game centers around chinese warriors under your control, sometimes 
> >hundreds
> >on the screen. You control certain champions that can charge through entire
> >formations, leaving great piles of defeated foes behind you. As my brother 
> >ran
> >out of enemies to face, I recalled the classic Groo lines: "Uh oh, I am 
> >out of
> >Horde. There is more Horde in this direction!"
> >
> >Looks like technology has finally caught up with Groo's melee scenes. And for
> >the squeamish, no blood. ;)
> >
> >-John
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