[Groop]Groo video game?

John Sefchick bigsexxy@aaahawk.com
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 12:14:05 -0400

Actually there's a game which comes a little closer to the style and game 
play of a "Groo the Wanderer" game.  Well two really, Dynasty Warriors 2 
and Dynasty Warriors 3.  Whereas the Kessen games are mostly based on 
strategy which involves thinking the DW games are nothing more than 
mindless hack and slash games which involves nothing more than pressing 
buttons quickly. DW games also have the same hundreds of enemies on screen 
which definitely make it look like a good fray.  You can guess which games 
I like most.

Hey Mark, have you or Sergio been approached by a company about making Groo 
into a videogame?  With one of your stories it would be a great game.

At 11:10 AM 10/19/02 -0400, jo567779@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu wrote:
>Just a small note to the Groo groop, my brother was playing the Playstation 2
>game "Kessen II" that just came out, and its battle system would really lend
>itself towards a "Groo the Wanderer" game.
>The game centers around chinese warriors under your control, sometimes 
>on the screen. You control certain champions that can charge through entire
>formations, leaving great piles of defeated foes behind you. As my brother 
>out of enemies to face, I recalled the classic Groo lines: "Uh oh, I am 
>out of
>Horde. There is more Horde in this direction!"
>Looks like technology has finally caught up with Groo's melee scenes. And for
>the squeamish, no blood. ;)
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