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Well heck,

I would say that it's King Tropa, who looks exactly like cartoon Sergio with lighter hair (complete with little pony tail) and who in the story is about to perish a few pages back.  Next to him is someone who looks suspicously like Chakaal, except it's not suspiciously like Chakaal, it's suspiciously like cartoon Charlene Aragones, Sergio's wife and model for Chakaal, but who in this case is the wife of King Tropa with her baby Princess Thaiis in her lap, who looks suspiciously like Christen Aragones, Sergio & Charlene's daughter, but then all loosely drawn cartoon babies look like that which is beside the point.  (deep breath)  

So you see, King Tropa, Wife, Thaiis; Sergio, Charlene, Christen.  It all makes perfect sense.  

-Gary G.  (who looks suspiciously like a Groo fan.)  

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  *** WARNING ***

  If you have not read Marvel Groo #80, you may not want to read this email any further.

  *** WARNING ***

  As I have mentioned I am slowly savoring my "complete" Groo collection for the first time. This week I have been reading Groo #80 (Marvel). 

  Yesterday I noticed something interesting on page 16. In the top panel the Sage is narrating to us about some "bad news" in the Kingdom of Pleasant. Right below the text of this narration and in the background is a picture on the wall. If you look closely at this picture you will notice some very curious things:

  1. The Minstrel is depicted sitting in front of a King and Queen (the Queen is obviously the Queen of Pleasant).

  2. The King in this picture, in my opinion, has an uncanny likeness to Senior Aragones. 

  3. Who is the beauty on the right-hand side of the King? Is that a baby she is holding in her arms?

  P.S. Is that the Sage's dog on the floor with the other dogs?

  ~Vaughn Seward 


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