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Hey thanks for the Groosim Janet, would you believe the same thing happened at my work, we have had a clock system installed run from a central server so that all the clocks for the saudi telecom buildings are all set identically to the same synchronised time.

You guessed it the system was bought from the states and right on time, to the nano second every clock in Saudi Telecom head offices adjusted themselves perfectly for eastern standard time with daylight savings . . . . . . . of course there is no DS ever in the kingdom . . . 

Did they Err ?

Greg Craill
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  I seem to be Grooing a lot more at work lately.

  Saturday afternoon, I decided to prove to my boss just how efficient I was by adjusting all the clocks in the building for Daylight Saving Time before I left for the weekend.  When I sat down to my desk this morning (Monday), I looked up at the clock above me to see I had turned every clock BACK instead of AHEAD.  This in spite of having personally written "turn clocks ahead" in large red letters on the calendar not a week before.

  But the Grooing was not over.  I made my rounds to dutifully correct the error by turning all the clocks ahead an hour.  After two rounds, the clocks were back where they would have been had I just ignored them Saturday.  My "efficiency" actually required three trips around the building.  Apparently, my brains have been replaced with cheesedip.



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